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Distance Learning MBA Courses

Distance education courses have become more popular and recognised among employers since the advance in technology has made it possible to make distance learning as efficient as classroom learning by means of the Internet. Online learning uses various facilities such as video conferencing, discussion forums and online chats. Furthermore, distance learning using the online mode often allows the students to work at their own pace, and the evaluation systems such as assignments and exams return result much faster than in classroom based courses. In the majority of cases, online courses are much cheaper than classroom based courses making it possible for more people to get the qualifications they seek. Some course also allows you to pay the fees in instalments.

Distance MBA is one of the most commonly sought after course in the field of distance and online learning. Distance from the university has become an immaterial factor allowing students to acquire an MBA from highly reputed universities without having to move cities or countries. Another great advantage of a distance MBA is that you can study the course while working in your current position. MBA is not always considered a basic qualification. It is also a means for getting better jobs, promotions within a company and getting a hike in the salary. This is why it is particularly significant that the distance MBA may be done without quitting one’s job. Some companies may also be willing to fund you to do the distance MBA as it will make you a more valuable asset to the company without your job suffering from your absence while you go off to a college.

Studying MBA while working in a similar field can be very beneficial as you will be better equipped to choose the modules that best suit your requirements. You will also be able to understand your weaknesses and strengths in the work environment and use the MBA to make you more efficient at your workplace. Compared to those who do an MBA straight from college, those who do distance MBA while working will be able to understand the course material at an application level, which is a much more useful way of learning the content rather than gaining textual awareness alone.

Many distance MBA courses incorporate all the components of a traditional classroom course including project requirements and assignments. But the deadlines tend to be flexible allowing the students to progress through the course in a pace that works with their life situations. There will be plenty of ways to clear any confusion you may have while studying the topics included in the syllabus, with some universities providing a certain minutes of phone time with a tutor for each module. Another advantage is that you can study wherever you want. This is particularly helpful if your job requires you to travel much. If you choose an online course you can submit your assignment from a train or from another country.

Computer skills are an essential requirement to do an MBA by distance learning. Unless you are comfortable with making use of various online platforms, you will not be able to make efficient use of the resources and facilities provided by universities. You will also need to be self-disciplined to complete the program efficiently. With no peer pressure or strict schedule, there is the risk of taking the course too lightly. When you are balancing work, off-work responsibilities and studies at the same time, there is always the possibility that you will put your distance learning further down in your priority list as compared to the requirements of a classroom based course.

In India, distance MBA generally requires students to have a graduate degree in any discipline. Universities such as IIMs may also ask for some experience working in the industry. Some universities providing MBA courses through distance learning also help their students get placements in well-reputed companies.