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Advantages of International PGDBM/MBA.

PGDBM / MBA stands for PG Diploma in Business Management / Master in Business Management Administration. Many consider that a PGDBM/ MBA degree is the ultimate entry ticket to get a good and high-paying job. This is because a PGDBM/ MBA educational program fetches you both knowledge and expertise. These endowments help the candidate to get a good position with a company.

These courses are becoming popular day by day, because some countries boast of some reputed and famed varsities and colleges. To get a degree from these colleges, students apply for overseas MBA programs. The problem with MBA from foreign countries is that the overseas MBA programs would be seasonal in nature. This means that the colleges may not conduct them throughout the year. So, when you are applying for the courses, you need to check out some of the deadlines. You need to submit the online tests and exams well before time. So, if you manage to get it right, you can start learning under a good college in the foreign country.


There are certain important differences between an Indian MBA degree and a foreign one. The learning environment and the 'MBA-experience' vary by a great extent with the school. Indian education system helps prepare conceptually strong managers with solid 'funda-es', the schools abroad focus on practical aspects and offer much broader exposure and perspective.

Here are the main benefits of a foreign MBA:

Broader Scope: You instantly become a 'global citizen' the moment you enroll! Your career opportunities become wider as you have an option to work in the foreign country, as well as come back home.

Practical Learning: Mostly, the foreign MBA courses are case study based, which makes them less 'bookish', interesting and fun to learn. Even the statistics course would make you think from a logical viewpoint, with little calculations involved.

Better self-assessment: Many colleges offer informational interviews with psychometric tests, which allow you to discover yourself and help you make the best career choice for yourself.

Enjoyable Experience: While there always be a few sad folks in every schools, from my own experience, I can promise you that your experience will be immensely enjoyable. You only need to be clear about what you want out of the MBA, and possess a big heart.

Distance MBA Learning


A degree in MBA from a reputed international college or university means a lot in India. All the companies want to expand their business and when they get to appoint an MBA graduate, who has been in foreign country and learnt all the international standards of conducting business and improving profit, they never thinks twice and hires him/her immediately by offering an undeniable package.

This gives them an edge over their competitors as a fresh and innovative mind is at work at their end. It has always been an unwritten protocol that says colleges and universities in foreign country has to be better than the India colleges and institutes as the study pattern in our country and abroad are completely different and their curriculum of every subject include much more practical exposure than Indian curriculum.

Thus, a International PGDBM /MBA is of tremendous significance in India.